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Amor Gummiwaren GmbH
August-Rost-Straße 4
99310 Arnstadt

+49(0)3628 66 287 -0
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Full Grain Leather "Top" Gloves

Extremely robust universal gloves with a strengthened inner hand and external knuckle protection. Hard-wearing and long life gloves.

Colour: Light grey, grey

"Husky" Padded Work Gloves

These robust leather gloves have a warm inner lining and are suited to a wide range of uses.

Colour: Light yellow, grey

Grip Multipurpose Gloves

Latex coating on seamless stockinet fabric. High mechanical resistance, comfortable to wear with a seamless fit. Sweat-preventing ventilation of the back of the hand and the fingers.

Colour: green

SHOWA Thermo Gloves

Seamlessly knitted acrylic / polyester gloves. With a roughened anti-skid latex coating. Recommended for outdoor work and for work in refrigerated warehouses. Ideally suited for work at refrigerated cabinets.

Colour: grey

Neoprene Gloves

Resistant to brines, acids, oils and fats. With a high-grip palm structure and a velour lining. Specialist gloves which are suited to a wide range of professional and hobby tasks.

Colour: black


Hobby Gloves

Universal gloves which are very comfortable to wear. With a stockinet lining.

Colour: blue


Disposable Latex Gloves (examination gloves)

Disposable gloves are manufactured in one piece with no seams. Exceptional qualities in elasticity, tensile strength and impermeability make natural rubber latex an outstanding form of barrier protection.

They provide tactile sensitivity, while the slightly abraded surface ensures a good grip and secure hold.

Natural rubber latex gloves are washed and dried several times after manufacture. The goal is to minimize the amount of potential allergenic substances adhering to the surface


European Answer to Asian Market Dominance:
AMOR® acquires production site of BeateUhse subsidiary

Effective as at 01 June, AMOR® Gummiwaren GmbH has acquired major parts of the largest production site for vibrators, lubricants, application vibrators and medical lubricants from the Hungarian BU productions Kft., a subsidiary of the BeateUhse Group.


Golden Times

Now available:
AMOR Golden-coloured condoms!

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