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Amor Gummiwaren GmbH
August-Rost-Straße 4
99310 Arnstadt

+49(0)3628 66 287 -0
+49(0)3628 66 287 59

Welcome to AMOR Gummiwaren GmbH

Location Arnstadt

Distribution Center

Quality Center

The company AMOR Gummiwaren GmbH was established 45 years ago in 1968. Since its founding it has concentrated on the manufacture and sale of condoms made of natural rubber latex. Its product lines include the Amor®, Erotim® and Rilaco® brands of condoms. More to the history, click here.

The sale of condoms in the main is directly to:

  • wholesalers
  • vending-machine operators
  • mail-order companies
  • drugstores
  • pharmacies
  • retail chains
  • erotic shops
  • counseling centers and advertising agencies
  • and since 2011 to the final comsumer

The international brands Amor®, Erotim® and Rilaco® are world famous and considered to be renowned and sound. The brands stand for condoms of the highest quality and dependability.

Moreover, the company is 100% certified. more...

In addition to condoms we also manufacture natural rubber latex medical sheaths for vaginal and rectal ultrasound examinations, which we supply to gynecologists, medical supply stores and medical facilities. more...

Product catalogs

Please download our product catalogs

filelink AMOR products.pdf
filelink AMOR BDSM products.pdf


European Answer to Asian Market Dominance:
AMOR® acquires production site of BeateUhse subsidiary

Effective as at 01 June, AMOR® Gummiwaren GmbH has acquired major parts of the largest production site for vibrators, lubricants, application vibrators and medical lubricants from the Hungarian BU productions Kft., a subsidiary of the BeateUhse Group.


Golden Times

Now available:
AMOR Golden-coloured condoms!

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