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Amor Gummiwaren GmbH
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99310 Arnstadt

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Medical Supplies

RilaSon Sheaths of Natural Rubber Latex

Practical and hygienic protection for the patient and the transducer

RilaSon sheaths made of natural rubber latex provide hygienic protection for both the patient and medical ultrasound devices when conducting rectal and vaginal sonograms. Packaged in practical poly bags, RilaSon sheaths help you work sensibly and hygienically.

RilaSon sheaths are available in 3 proven sizes that provide optimal protection for all types of transducers.


RilaSon Contact Gel

For ultrasonic examinations and ultrasound therapies

RilaSon ultrasound gel is manufactured in a vacuum which makes it completely bubble free.

RilaSon ultrasound gel has undergone dermatological testing, is microbiologically stable and causes no detrimental effects to skin, clothing or the transducer.

RilaSon ultrasound gel is a proven contact gel for medical sonography applications. It contains neither glycerin nor formaldehyde and has a pH value of 5.5 – 6.0.

Finger Sheaths

Finger sheaths made of natural rubber latex for your personal protection. Available in a variety of sizes for optimal protection and tactile sensitivity.

Each is approximately 70 mm long with a thickness of 0.10 mm ± 0.02 mm.

Finger sheaths undergo strict quality controls and are tested for surface resistance, freedom from pinholes, creasing, tensile strength, air bubbles, foreign particles and the effects of being rolled.

Packaged in a light-protective, dark foil bag of 2,000 each.

Available in sizes S, M, L

Examination Gloves

Disposable gloves are manufactured in one piece with no seams. Exceptional qualities in elasticity, tensile strength and impermeability make natural rubber latex an outstanding form of barrier protection.

They provide tactile sensitivity, while the slightly abraded surface ensures a good grip and secure hold.

Natural rubber latex gloves are washed and dried several times after manufacture. The goal is to minimize the amount of potential allergenic substances adhering to the surface.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL


European Answer to Asian Market Dominance:
AMOR® acquires production site of BeateUhse subsidiary

Effective as at 01 June, AMOR® Gummiwaren GmbH has acquired major parts of the largest production site for vibrators, lubricants, application vibrators and medical lubricants from the Hungarian BU productions Kft., a subsidiary of the BeateUhse Group.


Golden Times

Now available:
AMOR Golden-coloured condoms!

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