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Amor Gummiwaren GmbH
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99310 Arnstadt

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Our lubricants – some things that might be of interest to you

The AMOR – lubricants, what kind of products are those?

AMOR lubricants are Medical Devices for the purpose of application on the skin, in the intimate area, in combination with condoms, with our vaginal balls, our vibrators and the other sex toys.

They comply with the strong requirements of the European’’ Directive 93/42 EEC for Medical Devices’’ and the German ‘’Law for Medical Devices’’. Their quality is guaranteed by the selected raw materials, prescribed production processes and extensive controls. Our lubricants are positively tested regarding the toleration with skin and mucosa, also the compatibility with condoms is proved.

We have two kinds of lubricants in our product range, such as

  • Water based lubricants and
  • Silicone based lubricants


Water based lubricants are to be made of water mainly. They don’t cause any ‘sticky feeling’, can be washed off thoroughly with water, however they can dry up. The silicone based lubricants are very economical to use, have a long lasting effect, however it’s more difficult to remove them from the skin, e.g. only with water and soap.

What effect have the AMOR lubricants?

As generally known, lubricants are tough liquids, with an effect like an oily or greasy material. They are preventing friction effect, the gliding effect will be improved. As a result of this

  • pains can be prevented for during sexual activities,
  • the security in combination with condoms can be supported and
  • the sexual feeling, especially in case of vagina dryness, can be improved considerably.

Our lubricants will compound themselves with the body-own moisture to a natural -‘’gliding material’’ - as per the slogan ‘moisture things are getting moister’. When making use of lubricants this can result in medical benefits, however this can essential contribute in an enrichment of sexual activities.

How to use AMOR lubricants

the application and the spreading
Our lubricant packages (bottles, tubes) make a selective dosing possible by means of the closure. Simply let the lubricant drop on the part of your body, on the unrolled condom at the erected penis or on the sex toy and afterwards spread it with the fingers.
You can also drop the lubricant on the hand or the finger and from this part in can be spread where it is desired. We would recommend washing the hands first because of hygienic reasons.

Which quantity of lubricant will be used depends on the intended purpose where to use it and on the own feeling, it can be tested out. In case only a small quantity of lubricant will be taken the ‘gliding effect’ is not satisfying and you can increase the quantity. Anyway, too much lubricant is only unpleasant.

with condoms
The lubricant will be applied on the unrolled condom at the already erected penis on the condom tip or you can spread it over the whole area of the condom, how you like it. Please be careful when spreading the lubricant that the condom won’t be damaged e.g. by sharp finger nails. Please absolutely also observe the instructions on use of the condom.

with sex toys
All our waterbased lubricants are suitable for the application with our vaginal balls, vibrators and other sex toys.

The silicone based lubricants are not recommended to be used together with our sex toys of silicone or with other subjects made of silicone, as it might be possible that the silicone based liquids will cause damages on the surface areas of products made of silicone. Because silicone might displace silicone. However, it would be possible to make use of those lubricants with our other sex toys.

How can the AMOR lubricants be removed?

from the skin or the mucosa
It is not necessary to remove the lubricants, because, when they are remaining on the skin or on the mucosa they won’t cause any damages.
However, if the lubricants should be removed, the water based lubricants can be washed out with water without leaving any traces. The silicone based lubricants are to be removed with water and soap. We don’t recommend the use of vaginal irrigations.

from the sex toy
The lubricants can be removed in the same kind of way as from the skin or mucosa. In principle the following has to be said:
Due to hygienic reasons the sex toys should be cleaned before and after each application. Our cleaning spray ‘’AMOR TOY CLEANER’’ is the perfect fit.

Are there any other things to observe?

protection against unwanted pregnancies and protection against infections
Our lubricants are NOT a means of contraception , they don’t contain any spermicidal ingredients and are NOT offering any protection against infections.

desire to have children
Gynecologists are recommending to make use of lubricants in case of a desire to have children only sparely, or, at your own safety, don’t make use of this product during this time. Because it might be possible that same will complicate the conception.

when the lubricant causes problems
When looking for incompatible, e.g. allergy resulting materials you can inform you before the application in the characterization of this product under ‘’ingredients (INCI)’’. In case you will have problems with incompatibleness, please remove the product as described and possibly consult a doctor.

And if there are still questions…

Please do not hesitate to enter in contact with us. Also your doctor, your pharmacist or your sexual advisory board will surely be able to help you.

Wishing you a lot of fun with our lubricant products and our other AMOR products.



European Answer to Asian Market Dominance:
AMOR® acquires production site of BeateUhse subsidiary

Effective as at 01 June, AMOR® Gummiwaren GmbH has acquired major parts of the largest production site for vibrators, lubricants, application vibrators and medical lubricants from the Hungarian BU productions Kft., a subsidiary of the BeateUhse Group.


Golden Times

Now available:
AMOR Golden-coloured condoms!

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